Weak zip story by Princess Morris

Weak zip story by Princess Morris

Weak zip story by Princess Morris is a must watch. A short drama about love and heartbreak.

You might be wondering what weak zip is all about or why the phrase “Weak Zip” ..oops! It’s no coincidence. it’s about love and relationship matters. Princess Morris tells a story of a young couple who falls in love but after a period the unexpected began to happen. The young man in the story suddenly turned into a woman beater. It was really a sad and painful experience for the poor girl, she kept on wondering where she had gone wrong to deserve a cruel treatment but all to no avail, she couldn’t bear it any longer and it got to the point where she attempted suicide. It’s quite interesting that a miracle happened for her at that point. Meanwhile, Jack, the beater inherited these same traits and character flaws from his own father while growing up as explained in the story. He swore to always defend his mum, but didn’t know that he too was learning from his dad subconsciously. In this story Princess Morris calls to the viewers attention that in as much as the girl was victimized by her lover, he too was also victimized because what he hated dreadfully was the exact thing he did, it’s sounds like he kind of lost control of his will power. What he swore to fight against was the exact that played up in his own life. Imagine that you choose what you hate! In this story Princess Morris points out this as one of the kinds of pattern inherited from parents and persuades viewers to be aware and conscious of some kind of ill characters that can be traced to parents or guardians as the case may be. Of course, you really have to put in deliberate effort not to fall into similar traps you’ve previously watched from older ones in your life while growing . In situations where you see yourself behave in a certain way that reminds you of similar character from an older one, then it means you have to put in much more effort to change that awful trait. Keep trying until one day you don’t need to try any longer, you just see yourself act right! Yes! Get inspired as you watch “Weak Zip” !

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